Canvas Collages Create your own canvas photo collage

Canvas This offer a huge variety of canvas collage styles for you to select from.

Simply send us your photos and select the style of canvas collage you desire and we'll do the rest.

If you have something unique or specific in mind for your photos feel free to discuss it with our team - we're open to any ideas or concepts you may have.

Please view some of the canvas collages we have completed in the past by clicking on these links or by scrolling down the page - Grid Collages, Box Collages, Scatter Collages, Sports Collages and Composite Collages.

Customised Canvas Collage Price List

Canvas Collage Price List

Please Note: The price list above is based on your photos only and does not include the canvas print. The canvas print is additional. Refer to our canvas printing prices for more details.

How To Order Your Canvas Collage

  1. Email your images to us (limit of 15 images via email).
  2. Send your images to us on disk or USB.
  3. Drop into our showroom with a disk or USB of images.
Please contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your project with one of our team members.
Grid Collage

Customised Canvas Collage  Wedding Collage Canvas Print

Collage Canvas Printing MelbourneCanvas Printing Online Collage

Box Collage

Photo on Canvas Collage     Canvas Montage      

Canvas Collage Melbourne


Scatter Collage
     Canvas Print Melbourne, Canvas Collage    
  Canvas Collage                  

     Canvas Montage Melbourne

Sports Collage
Canvas Collage

Composite Collage

Canvas Photo Print, Canvas Collage     Digital Prints on Canvas, Canvas Collage

Canvas This use only the best quality materials in the process of creating your canvas collage or other canvas prints. Read what some of our recent clients have to say about our service - customer feedback.