Canvas Printing Online Quality canvas printing service with 100% customer satisfaction and lifetime guarantee

Canvas This are a well established and highly regarded canvas printing company who specialise in a wide range of canvas printing services.

We offer fast and competitive Australia-wide shipping from our shop located in Bayswater North, Melbourne, Victoria and also a speedy turnaround to ensure you receive your canvas print in time for that special date.

We take great pride in every piece of canvas art we produce. Only the best quality materials are used throughout our canvas printing process. Plus we will add our creative flair, attention to detail and years of experience within the industry to ensure that you receive a stunning piece of canvas art that you can enjoy forever - in fact, your canvas print will be guaranteed to last for up to 204 years! 

Spot The Difference?

Canvas Prints Melbourne   Canvas Printing Melbourne
On the left is a Canvas This print and on the
right is a print from one of our major competitors

Printing to Canvas - What Can We Do For You?

Our canvas printing service is not only limited to transforming your special photos into canvas art. You are welcome to send us any image you like, whether it be digital or a negative / slide.

Once you have sent us your image you can select from colour, black and white, sepia and many more. In the past we have transformed children's drawings, memorable postcards and even business logos into unique pieces of canvas art.

Canvas Printing - Your Options

We offer a professional and individual printing to canvas service for each and every client. Canvas This can customise or style each canvas so it is exactly the way you pictured it to be - or let us use our creative flair!

Our canvas printing prices are all inclusive. So whatever you decide to do with your image, however creative you want to be, it is all included in the final price we quote you. There are no nasty surprises when you do business with Canvas This.

You can also select your choice of wrap, and your canvas print will be delivered to you laminated for protection, stretched and ready to hang.

You can view our price list and sizes here - select the shape you desire and the sizes and price list will appear. We also produce custom sized prints and extra large canvases, we are not only limited to our standard sizes.

Unlike the majority of our competition, Canvas This offer several finishes FREE of charge for you to select from:

Gallery WrapCanvas Print Melbourne Gallery Wrap

A gallery wrap refers to the image being stretched around the sides of your canvas print. With this option you do lose a portion of the image as it extends around the sides of the canvas. This provides a 3 dimensional type effect.



Mirror EdgesCanvas Printing Melbourne Mirror Edge

We use our graphic design skills to replicate a small portion of the edges of your image and then stitch it back together. This gives the impression that your image is extending around the sides of the canvas, but really it is just a mirror copy, giving the same 3 dimensional finish as the gallery wrap.

Mirror edges work well when you do not want to lose any of the original photo. It works in the majority of cases but we do assess each image at no extra cost to determine if this is the best option for your canvas print.

Blurred EdgesCanvas Print with blurred edging

Blurred edges is when we mirror the image (see right), and then create a 'blur' effect to the mirrored sections. This results in the colours of your image continuing around the sides of the canvas print but they are blurred out. So when there is an arm, a face or a part of the image we do not want to see doubled up with the mirror effect, we blur it out.

Colour BorderCanvas Print border

A plain border is an alternative to the gallery and mirror wrap. You can select any colour that you feel compliments your photo to wrap around the sides of the canvas print.



Our Printing To Canvas Service Includes

  • A lifetime guarantee on your canvas prints and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

  • The printing of your image onto the highest quality archival, water resistant and acid free canvas that is guaranteed to last for 102 years.

  • Laminating your canvas print for protection (includes protection from UV rays, colour fade, scratching, chipping and mould). We use a laminate that is scratch & crack resistant, which preserves your canvas and keeps it in tip top condition for up to 204 years!

  • The choice of gallery wrap, mirrored edges or a coloured border (see above).

  • Your final artwork stretched onto our high quality, kiln dried and bevelled stretcher bars, ready to hang on your wall. We obtain all our wood from New Zealand and guarantee our frames will not warp, shrink or lose shape over time like many cheap Chinese frames do.

  • The choice of full colour, or converting your photo to sepia or black and white printing.

  • Resizing of your image, if required.

  • Scanning of your image, if required (1 image included in the price).

  • Editing, colour correction and enhancement of your image (up to 1 hour).

  • A free assessment and advice on the resolution of your image.

  • If requested, a final proof of your canvas via email for your approval, before we go to print.

  • A speedy turnaround to ensure you receive your canvas on time for your important date.

How To Order - Get Started Now

  1. Simply select the canvas shape and size you prefer and then upload your image here. If you have any special instructions or requirements you can put them on the order note, contact us on (03) 9380 7788 or drop us an email. You can also post or deliver your image to us personally at Factory 6, 19 Gatwick Drive, Bayswater North, Melbourne, Victoria 3153.

  2. We will then get started putting your canvas print together. If requested you will receive a final proof via email for your approval prior to going to print.

  3. We will then ship your canvas print directly to you anywhere within Australia or you can collect it from our shop in Flemington.

If you have any questions, urgent requests or would like a custom quote please give us a call on (03) 9380 7788 or drop us an email.

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