Picture Your Photos on Wallpaper Custom wallpaper murals for home and business

Canvas This are a custom wallpaper printing company who can transform any blank wall into a custom wall mural that is full of character and your own personal style.

You can use your photographs, artwork, graphic design, price list, company signage or logo to turn any room in your home or business into a focal point. Canvas This use your own photos or stock images and convert them into unique custom wall murals.
Our self adhesive wallpaper is of a very high quality and unlike most cheap vinyl imitations in the market, ours is paste and mess free, and very simple to install. It can be coated and sealed for extra protection, and you do have the option of using our professional installers.

It will remain adhered to the wall surface for an indefinite period, and it will not leave any residue or require any special cleaning. No preparation is required for the wall surface other than a smooth clean painted surface.

Custom Wallpaper Murals For Your Home

You can set a mood or theme almost anywhere by selecting an image that creates the feel you are after. Be as inventive as you like to create your own space.

A small study could transform into a library of books by selecting images of bookshelves and filling the wall space with antique encyclopedias, opening the room right up and creating a whole new atmosphere.

You can create wall murals, scenic wallpaper backdrops of your favourite holiday destination, your favourite celebrity wallpaper, or decorate the nursery with wallpaper that creates a warm atmosphere for your new born.

Custom Wallpaper Murals For Your Business

Our modern wallpaper is not only for homes, think of your business..... What do you do??? You can use wallpaper to sell your products.

If you own a hairdressing salon Canvas This can convert a plain white wall into a collage of popular hairsyles or products you are trying to sell.

Or what about if you are a Panel Beater? Whether your favourite car is a Porche or Ferrari or both.... Give the back wall of your shop depth and character, not to mention the huge impression it will make on your customers.

Put your thinking caps on and brainstorm how you can create the look you have always wanted in your own home, or how you can transform your office / workshop into the room you have always dreamed of, all without the hard work of renvovating and at a cost effective rate.

If you are now wondering how you obtain the images for your new wall, Canvas This can assist if you do not already have a suitable image, and can provide you with a selection of pictures to choose from once we are clear of your theme / ideas.

There are so many ways you can transform a plain, empty room into a feature wall with character. Please click here to view our wallpaper brochure or scroll down to see some of the custom wallpaper murals we have created in the past.

Get Started Now

Contact Canvas This via email at wallpaper@canvasthis.com.au with your concept, wall dimensions and location to obtain a quote today. Our wallpaper specialists are often out on installations, and will contact you within 48 business hours of receiving your request in writing to discuss your job requirements.